I have taken down the direct link to most of my page since its all about old stuff anyway
I quit playing Diaspora long time ago due to cheaters and bad admins and same happened now to Cybots, but that seems to be normal over the web. I now play Eve online and although of course there are cheaters there as well at least the admins are doing a great job it seems. The last 2 games i played 4 years each before I got fed up with the behavior of some idiots, so atm I am looking forward to 4 years into Eve Online :D.

If any of you who visits this page plays Eve as well and want to contact me ingame: my ingame name is same as normal NUMBER ONE *cheers* and if you are not playing but thinking about it and want the cheapest time code that I could find on the web: here is the link to it .

Some usefull links for Eve Online


Advanced Starter Guide
Hammer's blog: starters guide for experienced MMO-players - my personal favorite
Agent finder - very handy tool to find that specific agent close by
Eve Info - lots of info here


Evemon - a must have!
Manther Eve tools - didnt understand this one but maybe someone else will
Eve fitting tool - nice help on outfitting your ship